Who we are

Our Vision

We believe that our cities can be places that support an overall high quality of life–where people can enjoy clean air, calm and friendly streets, and closely connected and diverse communities.

We envision our streets as vibrant, welcoming spaces that safely accommodate all road users, and prioritize the safe passage of people–on bike, on foot, by wheelchair, by bus and/or by train. The city infrastructure is people-friendly, and encourages healthy and active transportation options that not only build our bodies and our health, but also benefit our communities and our environment. Public green spaces are many, and our streets serve as much more than transportation corridors–they are also community-oriented social spaces, where people of all ages can safely bike, walk, play, and socialize with their neighbors.

C.I.C.L.E.’S Leadership

Executive Director:
Vanessa Gray

Leadership Committee:
Aimee Gilchrist, Lynne Goldsmith, Judi Masuda, Mark Vallianatos

Advisory Committee:
Liz Elliot, Shay Sanchez, Dan Dabek

How to reach us

4610 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Box #1001
Los Angeles, California 90041

bike (at) cicle.org