In addition to reflectors, lights are a must for night riding and low light conditions. Just because you can see the cars, does not mean that the drivers in those cars can see you. Lights and reflectors insure that they do. You want both a front light and a rear light. A white front light and a red rear reflector are required by the California Vehicle Code.

There are many great lights on the market and if you plan on doing a lot of night riding we recommend spending as much as you can afford on a good set of lights. The brighter the light is the better.

Consider your needs

  • Do you need to be concerned with theft when you lock up your bike? You may want a set of lights that can be easily removed and put back on.
  • Are you cycling in well lit areas, or do you need to see what’s ahead of you as well as be seen?
  • LED lights offer incredible battery run times, but you sacrifice the brightness that most rechargeable systems offer.

Other Tips

It is better to have a set of cheap lights then no lights. If you are short on funds, here is a cheap set of lightsto start with. Here is low-cost, better second light set.

Set your light on blink mode to better attract the driver’s attention and this mode also extends your battery life.

Be sure that your lights are pointed toward traffic, and are not being obscured by your clothing or bags and accessories.

Here are a few online sources for lights to help you get started.

Also, we recommend supporting your local bicycle shop. Many of them can order exactly what you need. Our Mom and Pop stores need our patronage.

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