October Newsletter

Coming Up: “Pedal to the Port: A Two-Wheeled Wilmington Halloween,” Sponsored by Metro! Halloween has long been a walking holiday; enjoy the entire day without a car and swap four wheels for two to visit the Harbor area’s annual waterfront event! On Saturday, October 25, through a sponsorship by Metro, C.I.C.L.E. along with Mujeres Unidas […]

New Study Shows Exercise Increases Lifespan. Why Aren’t We Exercising?

A recent study shows the great benefits of increased physical activity.  The Lancet published the exciting findings that a mere 15 minutes of physical activity for inactive people could reduce their risk of death by 14% and extend their lives by 3 years. Compared with individuals in the inactive group, those in the low-volume activity […]

Sharing the Benefits of the Bicycle

An insightful post on the goes beyond the health, environmental, cost savings, and traffic reducing benefits of the bicycle. The author describes the bicycle as “an instrument of experiential understanding.” What does it mean to be an instrument of experiential understanding?  It means that the urban environment is perceived more actively while riding a […]

Xtracycle Clone from Junk Parts

By Harv City Bikes, Cargo Bikes, Utility Bikes; all the rage in these hard times. Sometimes just putting a milk crate on your rack isn’t enough. But who wants to shell out the bucks for an Xtracycle just to make those grocery store runs? No need, just grab a couple of cheap bikes and a […]

Repairing Worn Bearings – A Real Grind

By Harv We are definitely in an advanced bicycle repair technology here, a bit past the cone-wrench and grease procedure. As far as I know, I am the only one who rebels against the simple act of replacing aworn-out bottom bracket spindle or wheel bearing cone. They are not terribly expensive, and somewhat readily available. […]

LA Bike Plan Update: Let me stand next to your ire

[[image:bike_plan_mini.jpg::inline:1]]Last night I attended the Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan update meeting in West Los Angeles. I heard about the meeting a month ago, and was really looking forward to attending for many reasons.

The Bicycle Messenger

[[image:messenger_mini.jpg::inline:1]]There is something about the image (real or imagined) of strength, speed, simplicity, and freedom that highlights the messenger lifestyle and attracts our attention.

EcoDensity Vancouver Style

[[image:gordon_mini.jpg::inline:1]]Vancouver's success in creating a livable downtown with 80,000 residents has spawned some new terms, including Vancouverism and EcoDensity.