Cyclists to the Rover Rescue

[[image:rileyfront_mini.jpg::inline:1]]If you live in the Los Angeles area, love animals and want to do something fun and rewarding, join Team Rover Rescue at the Acura Bike Tour. Raise money, awareness, your heart rate and the spirits of a pound puppy.


[[image:riley_copy1.jpg::left:0]]TEAM ROVER RESCUE is looking for dog lovers of all shapes and sizes and endurance levels to join their cycling team and help save the lives of homeless dogs in LA County! It's your chance to join a team of, perhaps not all great athletes but certainly, all great hearts and minds.

As part of this noble team of dedicated dog-lovers you will be bicycling the Acura Bike Tour to raise funds and support for Rover Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from Los Angeles animal shelters and placing them in loving homes.

"It is overwhelming not being able to help all dogs in need at the L.A. Shelters,” said Cathy Rubin PhD, president and founder, Rover Rescue. “But, with this fundraising event, we have the chance to make a tremendous difference in the lives of at least some of them."

Last year TEAM ROVER RESCUE was able to raise over $10,000 because of the LA Marathon events their teams participated in. This will be the fourth consecutive year that Rover Rescue has been proudly participating as an Official Charity of the Los Angeles Marathon, and the only Animal Welfare Charity to be awarded this honor. The LA Marathon events have become a huge fundraising opportunity for Rover Rescue.[[image:cathyrubins1.jpg::right:0]]

Rubins, who founded Rover Rescue 6 years ago, has been doggedly devoted to helping homeless pups find their place in this world since 1994 . She was instrumental in launching the Los Angeles City shelters’ first-ever mobile adoption program. The program has placed thousands of dogs from Los Angeles City Shelters. Rubin was also named “Volunteer of the Year” by West Los Angeles Animal Services and elected “Volunteer of the Year” by the Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office.

A visit to can get you hooked up as a loving Foster Parent for a pooch in need of physical or emotional healing, while he/she waits for a permanent gig in the safety and comfort of your loving abode . Or you may just find the next great love of your life, after all a dog will never complain about your weight gain, bad breath, or how cranky you are in the morning. If you can't have a pet at this time, you certainly can be instrumental in helping Rover Rescue continue it's commitment to significantly reducing the devastating number of dogs euthanized at Los Angeles animal shelters by hopping on your bike or stepping out on your own two feet and drumming up some dough for da dogs as a proud part of Team Rover Rescue

According to Rover Rescue, approximately 60,000 dogs are put to sleep in Los Angeles area animal shelters annually. At Rover rescue, which is supported solely by donations and dedicated volunteers, they work diligently to reduce this sad statistic and to increase another statistic instead, that of placing forlorn pups into the open arms and homes of Los Angelinos. Check out the uplifting Success Stories

[[image:roverrescue.jpg::left:0]]As a team member you will solicit ( beg, guilt, ask, cry to ) friends, family members, and anyone you can think of for donations in this pledge type fundraiser. A complete fundraising package and assistance is offered to help team members reach their goals and ALL funds raised will go towards saving the lives of homeless dogs, providing for necessary medical treatments, “Beauty Makeovers”, and boarding up until they are placed in permanent, love nests of their own. Makeovers and medical treaments provided by Rover resue are an important factor in getting a dog noticed and placed, rather than overlooked and left behind.

The three events team members can chose from will take place on Sunday, March 4th, 2007. The Acura Bike Tour begins at 5:50 am; the Emerald Nuts 5K walk will begin at 7:30 am; and the LA Marathon will begin at 8:15 am. All three races start out from various locations Los Angeles.

Rover Rescue also supports the idea of getting more people out of their cars too, as they understand that every living creature benefits from a more active and healthy lifestyle — one that reduces noise and air pollution, and makes our city a safer place for a dog to take a ride on the back of a bicycle or go for a walk with their best friend….you!

Visit for more details on the event, the great work they do and how you can help.