December 2013 News

SAVE THE DATE! 3 Great Upcoming Rides, including our infamous Tweed Ride!


Mark your calendar, Metro sponsors three great upcoming CICLE rides!

1. Saturday, January 18, 2014: Tweed, Moxie and Mustache Ride: The Historic Arroyo Seco

2. Saturday, February 15, 2014: The Eastside Riders BC presents: The Ride For Love: Explore the Changes of Watts

3. Saturday, March 15, 2014: The Way Back When Ride: La Puente

Explore, connect, and rediscover neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County by bike!

Spread the joy of bicycling with a gift

BenefitsofabicycleGive the gift of freedom! Do you have a boo, friend, or relative who you’ve always wanted to go riding with but they never learned how? Give the gift of two wheels and a lifetime of happiness with CICLE’s Learn to Ride Class Gift Certificate! Learning how to ride a bike will be the gift that keeps on giving. Explore new adventures together and reach new goals!

Support CICLE!  Give others the gift of bicycle safety and encouragement. Your donation helps us teach more workshops, print attention grabbing materials, promote safe streets through events, conduct web-based outreach and inspire more people to enjoy life on two wheels! Help us to continue spreading joy, health, and community through bicycling.

Give the t-shirt that shows why we ride. Looking for the perfect gift for the bicyclist in your life? CICLE’s ever-popular Benefits of a Bicycle t-shirt is on Sale through December 31st!  Take 15% off when you use this coupon code: cicle15

This famous design was created by CICLE’s own founder, Shay Wiessler Sanchez! These yummy “mint chocolate chip” colored tees are silk screened in the USA on unisex soft- cotton fitted American Apparel t-shirts.  All U.S. orders have FREE shipping!

Use coupon code cicle15 during check-out.   Hurry, sale ends on December 31st, 2013!

Spotlight: CICLE All-Star Volunteers share their stories!

brad_leader2We asked one of our volunteers, Brad, a bicycle All-Star, to discuss the role bicycles have played in his life, his inspiration to ride and what volunteering with CICLE means to him.

CICLE: How does bicycling bring joy to your life?

Brad (age 28): There’s nothing greater than observing your environment from the seat of a bike. Because of my job I spend a good amount of time in my car, so when I clip in and take off on a bike I truly do feel free.brad_leader1 I feel like I’m part of a street, a block, or a city, and not just someone passing through. It’s that perspective that brings me joy and gets me back on my bike every time.

CICLE: What is your favorite place to ride to?

Brad: On a smaller scale, I like riding next to the river. The bike paths there are quiet and safe and you don’t have to worry about stopping too often. On a larger scale, the bike ride that truly turned me on to cycling and gave me a passion for bikes was one I did in 2009 from Boston to Santa Barbara. It was, hands down, the best thing I’ve done with my life, thus far. Of course, some days were harder than others, but, overall, it was an amazing ride I’ll never forget.

CICLE: What advice do you have for newer riders?

Brad: We’re all there to have fun, but make sure you listen at the beginning of each ride when we go over the rules of the road and how to ride safely. The most important thing is for people to ride responsibly to show other members of the community – whether it be pedestrians or drivers – that we are commuters who deserve the same respect we give to everyone else on the road.

CICLE: What inspired you to become a Ride Leader?

Brad: Unfortunately, in 2011 a good friend of mine was leading another cross-country ride and died after being hit by a car ( We met on our first cross-country ride and here she was again, doing something she loved for a great cause. When I got back from her funeral I did my research on cycling non-profits in Los Angeles and came across CICLE. I liked everything I read about the organization, so I met with Dan and decided I’d love to be a ride leader. The Tour da Arts ride that year was the first ride I helped lead and I’ve loved every second of the rides I’ve led since!

CICLE: What has Ride Leading done for you?

Brad: It’s opened my eyes to parts of Los Angeles I didn’t even know about. More specifically, it has taken me to places of Los Angeles that I wouldn’t have made the effort to cycle through if it hadn’t been for the urban expeditions. It’s helped me feel like part of a bicycling community and has strengthened my pride in my leadership abilities.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it’s allowed me to expose my friends to the fun of attending CICLE’s monthly rides!

If you’re not ready to be a leader, come on one of the rides and see how fun they are. It’s great to see people of all ages on the rides, too. Bicycle outreach knows no limits!

We hope Brad’s journey inspires you to explore the streets on two wheels, join us on a group ride or join our incredible volunteer team!

Recap: The Northridge Delis, Desserts and Deliciousness Ride, Sponsored by Metro, was a tasty treat!

dddride1 dddride2northridgemap





On Saturday, November 16th, CICLE, with the Valley Bikery, led 70 bicyclists through Northridge on the Delis, Desserts and Deliciousness Ride. We started off at Dearborn Park with empty bellies and rolled through Northridge and Granada Hills to visit some of the area’s tastiest spots including The Original Weiler’s Northridge Delicatessen, Delicious Bakery, and A Sweet Design. Weiler’s welcomed the group with a warm welcome and their famous rugelah. The group then stopped at Delicious Bakery to hear sweet stories about its history and owners. Participants enjoyed a tour through the bakery’s kitchen and bags of cookies for nourishment! Finally, we zipped over to a Sweet Design, whose owners themselves are bicyclists, and sampled some of their freshly frosted cupcakes! With full bellies and wide smiles, we returned to Dearborn Park. We are so grateful to each local business for supporting the bicycling community on this delicious expedition.

As always, thank you to our incredible team of Ride Leaders and our wonderful photographer, Jennifer Gill! Ride Leaders did an incredible job of keeping the group together and safe and Jennifer perfectly captured it all! To learn more about volunteering with CICLE, see more info here.

Route Map for the Northridge Delis, Desserts and Deliciousness Ride

Did you miss joining us on the day of the ride? Here is a great map to explore the route and these great businesses on your own! Or, retrace your steps/pedals to relive it all over again!

Your two-wheeled Giving Guide is here! Roll into the season by Bike!

shoppingbb2 shoppingbbtoys





Although every month is a great month to connect with others and give what you can, we’d like to emphasize the role of two wheels during this giving season!

• Use your bike to shop locally! By shopping locally, you can support the local businesses in your neighborhood and grow the local economy! Shop local, give local and celebrate locally!

• Use your bike to deliver goodies! Panniers, baskets, trailers… all are perfect spots to carry canned food to donate to food pantries! Pick it up, drop it off, and enjoy a ride along the way!

• What else fits into bicycle carriers? Clothes! Warm clothes, summer clothes, fancy clothes, baby clothes … It all fits! Zip over to a kids’ clothing drive with a bikeful of threads and a bundle of smiles!

• Sharing goodies with friends? Buy used or buy materials to create gifts for your favorite folks! Explore the neighborhood to discover used and unique treasures at different business gems.

• Travel sustainably, give sustainably! Consider sharing items that will continue to grow, like plants, seeds, or other garden items. Deliver these gifts by bike for a truly sustainable cycle!

ltr7Upcoming Classes:

Learn to Ride for Adults:

Have you always wanted to ride a bike but never learned how? This class is for adults who are getting on that bike for the first time. Online Registration is now available and open! Space is limited, register early.

Saturday, December 15th: 9am-11am at Eagle Rock Plaza



LACBC Open House: Victories of Future Past
Thursday, December 5 at 6:00 p.m
634 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

8th Annual All City Toy Ride – Midnight Ridazz
Friday, December 13, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

Larchmont Holiday Caroling Riding
Sunday, December 15 at 4:30 p.m.
Meet at Rotary Club Christmas Tree Lot – 568 N. Larchmont Blvd.

CICLE’s Tweed, Moxie and Mustache Ride: The Historic Arroyo Seco
Saturday, January 18th, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

LET YOUR VOICE ROLL! Act, Move, Participate:

Looking for a rad volunteer opportunity that supports bicycle advocacy? Ride bikes, meet great folks, learn new skills and support happiness on two wheels! Share your talents with and volunteer to help keep us rollin’!

Support CICLE and Go Solar! With our partnership with Real Goods Soar, everyone wins!
Sign up and start saving each month when you go solar with Real Goods! Real Goods Solar is one of the leading solar energy installers. Paired with your bicycle, you’ll be on the road to fossil fuel independence! Real Goods will donate $500 to CICLE for everyone who chooses solar through this program.