Find a route

Using the internet to plan a route

You know how to get there by car, but you’re not sure of the best bicycle route. Don’t fear! Thanks to the internet there are some great resources that can help you find your way.

Bikely is a free website where users share knowledge about good bicycle routes. Use its search feature to look for routes in your area that have been submitted by the bicycle community. If you know of a great route, you can submit it and share the love with other users.

Google Maps Bike Directions Google has added support for bicyclists to its popular map and direction program. Thanks Google! Mapping out your bike route is very similar to getting car directions on Google. Google optimizes its directions for cyclists so that you avoid hills and high traffic streets. The feature also gives you an estimate trip time, distance, and it shows bike routes and lanes. Since streets are always changing and technology is not perfect, we recommend that you study alternative routes before you depart on your trip.

Rails to Trails – Rails to Trails is a nonprofit organization working to convert former rail lines into trails to support a more active community. Rails to Trails TrailLink function allows users to search over 30,000 miles of bike trails and includes interactive trail maps, trail descriptions, photos, and reviews.