Bike Lanes

Los Angeles Bike Paths

This page includes a compilation of Class I Bike Paths in Los Angeles and Northern Orange County.

A Class I Bikeway, or a Bike Path, provides a completely separated right of way exclusively for you on your bike! Bike Paths are created for the use of bicycles and pedestrians with minimal motorist crossflow (according to the Streets and Highway Code Section 890.4).  What does this mean?

This means that you are physically separated from fast moving cars and traffic! Whew. On any Bike Path there are physical barriers that could include natural barriers (like rivers or mountains), parked cars, stanchions, a low curb, bollards, concrete islands or something similar to create the protected bike path and a protected cyclists. The LA River or Ballona Creek Bike Path are perfect examples of care-free, protected Class I Bikeways. Go ahead, ride with the wind in your face, not an exhaust pipe.

LADOT Bicycle Maps

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