Hungry Like the Wolf

[[image:wolf_mini.jpg::inline:1]]Wolfpack Hustle is a weekly ride designed to test riders cycling limits on the streets of LA. Their website warns that while everyone is invited to start the ride, not everyone will finish.


Published March 29th, 2007 by C.I.C.L.E.
Contributed by Ashira Siegel :: Photos: Greg Thomas and Ashira Siegel

[[image:wolf1.jpg::left:1]]Wolfpack Hustle is a weekly ride designed to test riders cycling limits on the streets of LA. Their website warns that while everyone is invited to start the ride, not everyone will finish. Riders who can't keep up will get dropped and left behind to fend for themselves.

This past Saturday night the first Wolfpack Midnight Drag Race was held and about 100 people showed up at the 2nd St tunnel for the race and to spectate.

Wolfpack riders known as "RoadBlock" and "WolfRider1" organized the race, the idea for the it hit late one night when they were out riding. "We were doing a Wolfpack and we were blazing through the 2nd St. tunnel." said Roadblock. "Everyone was racing each other… That's where the drag racing idea came from."Registration started at 10:30pm and some 40-odd street cyclists raced against a stopwatch (borrowed from the prize pack) to try and qualify for the final race. The top 16 riders raced against each other in the finals using a bracketing system (1st place raced against last place, 2nd place raced against 2nd to last place etc), until there were only two racers left in the challenge.

[[image:wolf3.jpg::right:1]]Excitement mounted as Jack, a downtown Los Angeles bike messenger, and Adam, an rider from Santa Barbara squared off at around 1:30am. Adam had the top qualifying time of the night at 00:33:06, but Jack still beat him for the final win. Jack also won 1st place in track races at the Encino Velodrome earlier in the day and both had raced in the 2nd St. tunnel about eight times that night before coming up against each other in the finals. Wolfpack rider Beatriz, and frame builder and downtown Los Angeles bike messenger, Megan raced each other in the women's division with Beatriz coming out on top.

When asked about the night RoadBlock exclaimed "It was great! People were really pushing their limits!" This was evident as some riders, including 2nd place winner Adam, raced so hard that they found themselves puking afterwards.

Ticket To Ride
[[image:wolf2.jpg::left:1]]Parking Enforcement officer Tanieka was on duty downtown that night and riders watched in giddy disbelief as she stopped her car at about 1am and unloaded equipment to block vehicular access along one side of the length of the tunnel. "She rolled by a couple times and it was pretty obvious we were just drag racing and having fun" RoadBlock explained. "Just like Midnight Ridazz, we're trying to keep it cool with cops. We're not trying to be bad asses, or anti-cop because… it won't lead to any progress. It'll just lead to a lot of friction." Officer Tanieka partially blocked both entrances to the tunnel with orange construction cones and flares.

The awards ceremony took place inside the tunnel at about 2am. The race was sponsored by Orange 20 Bikes, Bici Concepts, Xtra Large, and Ambigious Clothing. Prize packages were given to the top two riders in both the men's and women's division. They included one of a kind spoke cards, specially engraved dog tags as trophy's and custom Wolfpack Hustle capes made by Wolfpack rider Cole, who himself placed third that night.It was, in the words of member SpiralDemon, "A surreal experience… The echo of cheers through the tunnel that was closed to car traffic was worth the trip down."

Test your skills with Wolfpack on the next Wolfpack Hustle ride or the next Wolfpack Midnight Drag Race visit

Special thanks to all the sponsors, all the people who raced, all the people who helped out, all the people who shot footage and photo's, Parking Enforcement Officer Tanieka, and the LAPD.

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