Learn to ride

We are all individuals with different preferences. What works for one rider may not work for another. Some riders love to go fast and get places as quickly as possible, others like to take their time and get there when they get there. Some enjoy the challenge of navigating through fast and heavy traffic, others prefer the peace and quiet of a residential street. Explore and respect what you prefer.

Don’t judge your efforts

Each ride is a positive step towards a sustainable future. Don’t ever berate yourself for not riding as much as you had planned. Just get back on the bike as soon as you can and pat yourself on the back for doing so.

You Know How to Work It

Use your own personal motivating factors to get you out there on the bike. You might have concerns for the environment, you’d like to get in shape, you’d like to eat a chocolate bar with less guilt, and/or you’d like connect with your neighborhood, etc. These are all great reason to ride — but remember to always make it fun.

Make riding a joy and not a chore and you will find yourself on the bike a lot more than you ever thought possible. Who knows maybe you’ll become a cycling nutball too.