Bike safety

Become A Better Rider, It Can Save Yor Life!

When we think of bike accidents, many of us think about car-bike collisions, because this is what we fear the most. But over half of bicycle accidents are falls, and most car/bike collisions happen because the bicyclist was not following basic traffic principles.

You probably already know how to balance on your bike and ride around on it, but are you really informed about how to avoid common cycling mistakes?

Cycling is relatively safe, if you do it right.

Accidents are rare, but it’s a still good idea to get expert information on how to stay safe on your bike. Most bike accidents are usually due to operator error, and easily avoided. By developing good urban street riding skills and learning to correctly handle our bikes, we can easily avoid most bicycle accidents.

On average one would have to cycle 280 hours ( approximately 2,300 miles) a year for the next 12,000 years before one would be involved in a fatal cycling accident. –‘Assessing the Actual Risks Faced by Cyclists’, Malcolm Wardlaw BSc MBA

We highly recommend getting expert instruction from either an experienced cycling buddy or a qualified cycling instructor. Sometimes there can be no substitute for a direct hands on learning experience. C.I.C.L.E. has two certified cycling instructors on staff, and we frequently offer workshops to help get you riding safely and confidently.

A Worthwhile Read

Freedom from Fear” By Mighk Wilson

Mighk Wilson provides evidence from Florida that injuries and fatalities happen mostly to those who aren’t obeying the traffic laws and provides information about how to ride safely.