Let There Be Light

Author: Harv

Yup! I have been shopping at Harbor Freight Tools again! This time I found a nine LED compact flashlight that is just perfect for bicycle headlight use. These are the latest generation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashlights that have appeared in hardware and Big Box stores. They take three AAA batteries in a neat removable cartridge. No fiddly plastic covers and tiny screws. This baby is made of all aluminum. The end cap screws off to reveal the battery cartridge. It puts out more light than my much more expensive 5 LED all plastic CatEye bike light. About ten bucks most places, on sale at Harbor Freight for $6.99 until September 11th. Lot number 93712.

I mounted it using a spare blinkie seat post clamp and an Adel clamp. You can use two seat post clamps, whatever comes to hand. If you will be removing the light frequently, use a wing nut to attach it to the handlebar clamp. You might need a short extension piece to bridge the two clamps. I made mine from a piece of aluminum about a half inch by two inches, drilled to clear 5mm socket head cap screws as shown.

Component Pieces, Adel Clamp is Attached to Flashlight

Detail of Assembly Showing Quick Detachable Wing Nut Mount

Complete Assembly