Harv’s Tech Articles

Harv, mechanic extraordinaire, covers bicycle maintenance topics in the following articles.  His vast experience and extensive knowledge will have you wrenching away on your bike in no time!

In the words of Harv:

“In the world of bike shops, bike co-ops, how-to books, bike mechanic schools, Youtube videos, and other sources of so-called “expertise”, not all of the available info is the final word on the subject. Here, I attempt to give you tips and tricks that may be omitted by the experts, unknown to the experts, or just a better way to do it.”

Why Ride Single Speeds and Fixies

Xtracycle Clone from Junk Parts

Repairing Worn Bearings – A Real Grind

Clean and Lube Rear Derailleur

Headset Replacement Tools and Tips

Ten Dollar Fixed Gear Conversion

Give Me a Brake

Cranky About Stripped Threads?

On the Other (4th) Hand

Keeping Your Freewheel Free

Product Report “Inline” Offset Pedal Wrench

Wheel Hub Rebuilds Made Easier

Crunching the Numbers

Lubricants for Bicycles

Vintage Bicycle Parts – Where To Get Them

Milk-Crate Bikes!

Get A Grip

Pedals for French-threaded Bicycles

Make Your Own Pedal Thread Chasers

Make a Dummy Axle

Workstand and Tools Recommendations

So You Wanna Be a Pro Bike Wrench?

Another Hand When You Need It

Let There Be Light

Building a Minimalist 5-speed Peugeot

99 Cents Store Stuff – Bargain or Junk?


Electric Bicycles

Lock it or Lose it

Whips and Chains

Trash Bike Find

Dicta Single Speed Freewheel Product Report

Cheap, Strong, Adjustable Lock Ring Wrench