Those who trade in their car for a bicycle save $6,000 – $8,000 annually.  Talk about giving yourself a raise!

90% of the emissions from a 7-mile automobile trip are generated in the first mile before the engine warms up.  Converting short car trips to bike trips is a great way to cut down on the smog-producing gasses that contribute to climate change.

Over half of commuting trips and 3 out of 4 shopping trips are under 5 miles – ideal cycling distance.  And 40% of all trips by car are under 3 miles – even better for those wanting to incorporate bicycling into their lives.

Everyday in California, cyclists prevent over 7 tons of smog-producing gases and a ton of inhalable particles from going into the air.

Cycling at least 3 hours per week cuts your risk of heart disease in HALF compared to those who do not cycle, according to the British Heart Association.

Bicycling is 5 times more efficient than walking.  If you can walk one mile, then you can easily ride 5 miles.