Messenger Bags, Panniers, Baskets, Racks Etc..

*** This guide is still under development. We are actively working on it… really. Please check back for updates.***

The European
:: Have been into commuting and touring like forever. Their products are usually more innovative, attractive and user
friendly but can be costly.

The Candians
:: Are really into touring, the outdoors and “Eh”. Their products are often rugged and geared towards heavy use touring.

The Americans :: We’re into fast food, TV and driving to indoor gyms…if we
can get off the couch. Our products are sometimes inspired to outright
boring and unimaginative…but much progress is being made!

Special Considerations ::  Beginners
try something reasonably priced and functional… We’ve tried a variety
of panniers, baskets, racks, rack pacs etc… some didn’t last long,
others didn’t work out… sometimes the right fit takes some
experimenting. Many of the more expensive products can last a lifetime
in comparison to cheaper items that need replacement every year.

Ask yourself :: Does it need to be weatherproof?  Is it easy and
comfortable to carry around if you have to? Easily and securely
attaches? Easy to remove? What are the weight limits on both the bags
and racks? Two heavy grocery bags on either side can easily exceed 30
lb. total.

Links :: Browse the links to get an idea of what might float your boat.
Many of the international items can be ordered in the USA. We have
mainly provided links to the actual manufacturers so you can see all that they
have to offer (their websites should tell you where they sell there
products locally). We have some links to retailers as well.

The Ol’ Dollar Sign scale ::  $ = relatively inexpensive… up to $$$$ = “Oh my stars!”

Some items are not priced out.

Angel Tech

Panniers for recumbents…sells recumbents too (USA)

Arkel ::

Panniers, Bags, racks…sporty and colors to choose from (CAN)

Axiom Gear ::
Sporty Panniers, a grocery bag and heavy duty rack (CAN)

Bike Pro ::

Panniers and bags (CAN)

BirdLand :: Touring $$$

Custom made Panniers for long haul rides (Swiss)

Breezer Bikes :: Commuter $$$

Fuctional  grocery pannier, basket and rack box…costly and dull gray color (USA)

Mountain Gear
:: Touring $$$$

Panniers that can turn into backpacs…for major touring (CAN)

Bruce Gorden :: Touring & Commuting $$$$

Sporty panniers, racks, bikes for touring…some nice features on the bags (USA)

BushWacker :: ?

:: Commuting $

Pannier, rack box, seat bag…Plain and almost boring but has a kind of cop/special forces appeal (USA)

Carrdice ::
Panniers and bags from sporty to
sexy old school…check our “Originals” (UK)

Cobbworks :: Touring & Commuting $$

A Plastic bucket w/hooks…but wait it’s much more… Utilitarian, functional and very DIY cool, but not pretty (USA)

Crosso :: Touring

Panniers. Rugged and nice enough looking. (NZ)

:: Touring & Commuting

Panniers for lite touring. Racks and more.  (USA)

Deuter :: Touring & Commuting

Backpacks, panniers, bags. Attractive in that basic black way (GER)

Gilles Berthould
Panniers and
bags of the seriously lusty, fetish and practical sort — plus etc…

:: Touring & Commuting $ to $$
Panniers, racks, messenger bags
etc…– all kinds from grocery to camping expiditions (USA)

Ortlieb USA
:: Touring & Commuting  $$$
Extensive selection of panniers, bags, and stylish commuting accesories. Sturdy and very well constructed.


Radical Design
:: Touring & Commuting $$$

Handsome recumbent bags (check out the side pannier) also bicycle trailers (UK)

Rivendell Bikes :: Small Touring & Commuting $$ to $$$$
Sells old school style Caridice
& Gilles Berthoud bags plus racks, etc… (USA)

Two Wheel Gear
Pannier for wrinkle free work clothes (USA)

Vaude:: Touring and Commuting $$$
Well constructed panniers and bags with an emphasis on touring, but the panniers are definitely suitable for most urban commuters.

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