My New Trash-Bike Find

Author: Harv

Probably this will appeal to bike gearheads only, but here goes. Yesterday was one of those rare days when I fired up my Dodge pickup for a morning of heavy shopping. You know, stuff I can’t carry on my bike; 4 gallons of drinking water, a dozen canned goods, etc. On the way back from Trader Joe’s, I cruised the neighborhoods where I have previously seen trashed bicycles, albeit usually x-mart cheapos. No dice, just the usual furniture and dead TVs.

So up my hill I went, dodging the construction crews and winding my way home. I came around a bend and my automatic radar spotted a pile of bike parts that was put out near the curb. This must have happened during the last hour or so because it was not there when I came down the hill. I stopped the truck and took a closer look. OMG! It was a 56 cm lugged-steel frame 10-speed Peugeot! The high-flange hubbed wheels were removed but intact and with the bike, it is green and chrome, has center-pull brakes, down-tube shifters, cottered cranks, fenders, luggage rack, side stand, generator, lights, and clanger bell. Every accessory the dealer had to offer. Almost no rust and all original logos. A Los Angeles bicycle license sticker with an expiration date of 1976, so I put the bike at about 1970 vintage. I loaded my treasure on top of the groceries and scurried home.

So now I have to evaluate it and decide what to do with it. I could restore to original, make a single-speed (if I could get up my hill with a single-speed), make a rainy-day bike (fenders, remember). Many possibities, deciding is part of the fun. I can’t wait to start.