Need a Dummy?

Author: Harv

Here’s a mini-tip that may prove to be quite useful. Necessity, being the mother of invention, reared her curious head at the Bike Oven on more than one occasion. Since we didn’t have a bunch of spare axles laying around to fit all wheel hubs universally, we were stuck with the time consuming job of stripping the cones and lock nuts off an equipped axle to perform some freewheel extractions or wheel truing operations. Then reassembling the axle, trying to get the cone spacing correct. Or maybe we didn’t have an axle to begin with and needed to do these things.

So here is the solution: a dummy axle. Long enough for any wheel (front or rear), slim enough for any size hub, equipped with washers and nuts for quick adjustments, this dummy is smart enough to retain that freewheel remover or hold a wheel in the truing stand.

How to make it? Just hack off a piece of 3/8 inch all-thread (about 7.5 inches long) and slip on a couple of washers and two nuts. Done.

Photo above shows the dummy axle with a freewheel extractor on it. This extractor is for the old style Shimano freewheel with small diameter spline circle which precludes leaving the original axle (with cones) in place. Vise shown is a mini-vise from the 99 cent store. Besides holding the dummy axle for this photo, the mini-vise has myriad uses for holding those tiny bike bits while you contemplate their significance.