Tips for Motorists: Improving Motorist and Bicyclist Relations

[[image:tips_mini.gif::inline:1]]Download and distribute our "Motorist Tips" sheet designed to educate motorists about the basics of bicyclist's rights.


Published October 17, 2006 by C.I.C.L.E.

As most of us dedicated urban bicycle commuters already know, we bikers are entitled to the use of the existing roadways (most freeways excluded), and have all of the same rights and responsibilities as that of a motorist. [[image:motorist_tips.gif::inline:1]] [[image:motorist_back_single.gif::inline:1]]Yet most motorists and many beginning bicyclists are not informed about the vehicle code as it pertains to bicyclists. This frequently leads to misunderstandings, hostile relations, and sometimes collisions between bicyclists and motorists.

In an attempt to address this problem, we’ve drafted up a little easy-to-read motorist tips card designed to educate motorists about some of our basic rights and needs as bicyclists, while also identifying some of the most common misunderstandings about bicyclists on the roadway. This is in no way a complete and comprehensive text on the issue — rather, this simply focuses on some key areas that seem to be common sources of conflict on the road.

We will be distributing these cards within the Los Angeles area. But we really encourage you to get involved. Help us print and distribute these cards, as this will greatly broaden the reach of this awareness campaign, and reduce our costs too.


These cards are available as pdf — 3 to an 8.5” x 11” sheet.

Print or copy each side back to back, making sure that the columns are aligned. Cut them into 3 parts, trimming the excess on the sides.

Front: (English) [[download:tips_front_web.pdf:icon::]]

Back: (English) [[download:tips_back.pdf:icon::]]

En Español

For a more comprehensive understanding of the vehicle code as it pertains to bicycles, please read:

California Vehicle Code (as it pertains to bicycles)