Tour de Thousand Oaks: Break Away from Cancer Benefit Ride

[[image:hin2.jpg::left:1]]The Breakaway from Cancer charity ride has already hit the streets of our nation’s capitol, (Washington D.C. for those who forgot), the scenic and historic San Francisco, and now it’s getting ready to roll in Thousand Oaks on Feburary 11th 2007


Published December 18, 2006 by C.I.C.L.E.
Photos courtesy of Break Away from Cancer

Top Photo: George Hincapie before the S.F. Ride

The Breakaway from Cancer charity ride has already hit the streets of our nation’s capitol, (Washington, D.C. for those who forgot), the scenic and historic San Francisco, and now it’s getting[[image:hin.jpg::left:1]] ready to roll in Thousand Oaks on Februarary 11th, 2007. Watch out world — Thousand Oaks is getting ready to be a big player in the world of Charity rides. Sure this ride could have gone to any number of high-profile cities here in Southern California, like Los Angeles or San Diego, but for some reason it went to Thousand Oaks. Then again, the city of Thousand Oaks is located in beautiful Ventura County, 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, and happens to be nestled against the Santa Monica Mountains, and surrounded by more than 14,800 acres of natural publicly owned open space. Come to think of it, it’s probably going to be a pretty picturesque ride. Amgen, the sponsor of this ride, also happens to be headquartered in Thousand Oaks. Hmmm… could that be the real reason it's there? Afer all the ride does start and end at the Amgen campus, what a coincidence.

There are a couple of neat things about this ride. For starters, the hyper and charming personality of Bob Roll will be joining the ride. Mr. Roll is one of the best reasons to see the night recap of the Tour de France on OLN (soon the be the Versus Network), and not just to hear him mispronounce Tour “day” France. And though his stout frame and kooky yet insightful comments make it hard to imagine him as ever having been a serious athlete, with four Tour de France tours under is belt, (located just under his protruding paunch), his athletic bio speaks for itself.

[[image:cancer_wall.jpg::inline:1]]Aside from a few other worthwhile celebs participating in the ride (George Hincapie has been on the last two rides this year), there is also the charity aspect to get behind. ALL registration fees and sponsor donations will benefit The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (the oldest survivor-led cancer advocacy organization in the country, advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans and empowering cancer survivors) and The Wellness Community (an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing free support, education and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones), and will support the free programs and services that help people living with cancer. Again, the money raised will go into FREE services for those who have been affected by cancer. Now that’s cool.

If Bob Roll can do this ride so can anyone — actually Bob is in pretty good shape despite his beer gut — but the ride is meant to bring cyclists of all levels together in an environment of camaraderie, family fun, and healthy living. Ah healthy living, we like that!

Participants are encouraged to raise additional funds by hitting up sponsors (like your friends and family, how could they say no?), and the top fundraiser will win a very special Giant Road Bike, donated by Giant Bicycles. It’s just a 25 mile course with family friendly festivities at the end of the ride, and all riders will get a really swell custom Breakaway from Cancer cycling jersey! If you are not able to attend the ride, you can still get a nifty jersey at the Break Away from Cancer website. Best of all, 100% of your purchase will support the national Breakaway from Cancer initiative.

Visit The Breakway From Cancer Website for more information and to get yer'self registered. Ride Details here