Fashionable theory on priceless cars is replaced by the warm and eco-friendly bicycle.


Published August 27, 2007 by Javno 

What Mercedes once was for Roma people, this is what a bicycle is today for the urban citizen! This transport vehicle no longer has only practical characteristics, but it has transformed into a real little fashion accessory.

You can wildly scurry through city short-cuts on your bike, but at the same time, express your personal style. Do you think your bike says nothing about you? What is more, it screams, just as your clothes, socks or contents of your hand bag do!

Fashion is in the air

Thus, bicycle has been transformed into fashion bike, uniting with the style and spirit of its owner, like crazy dog owners who dress up their little “baby” into little coats or shove into hand bags like invalids in order to gracefully suit their dress style.

The fashion fever is spreading and is hard to avoid in any aspect: Fashion is all around!

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